Each website is built to your unique requirements and luckily, the time it takes to build a unique website can be worked out from the number of pages in the website. This gives you certainty and fixed prices.

Some of the inclusions in our fixed prices:

  • full administrator access and all passwords to the hosting and the site: it is your site
  • spending some time with you to understand what you want to achieve
  • researching similar business models and competition sites and industry standards
  • the prototype design of your site for you to give feedback on and once happy, approve
  • the programming of your custom site
  • for custom sites, different levels of logons, so your staff can have limited access to update parts of the website without accidentally breaking the whole site
  • training on how to maintain your site and training on how to update your site content (if you want to)
  • full, step-by-step site update documentation and training

Simplified Site Updating with Customised Programmed Pages

To update and add new content to your site, for example testimonials, we build a form unique to you:

Fill out the form, press on update and the content shows in the correct format in the places on the website that it should show. Simple!

We are also absolutely available to update content if you prefer, just let us know!

For example, a customised testimonial form might look like this:

The form might have:

  • the option to show the testimonial on the front page
  • required fields such as an image, the testimonial and the customer's name
  • other options such as the customer website or business name

What shows on each form is unique to you and customised to what you want to show on your website.